Borrowing rules - låneregler engelska

The library card is free. You can use the card at all libraries in Kungsbacka and on our library bus. When you get the card, you promise to follow all our rules.

These are our rules:

  • You are responsible for what you borrow. Return items on time, and look after them.
  • We store information about you, such as your personal identity number, address and telephone number. But we don’t store information about what you borrow.
  • Let us know if you lose your card. You’re responsible if anyone uses your card.
  • Let us know if you change your address or phone number.

How do I borrow items?

You need a library card and a pin code. You borrow items by yourself, using a machine.

How long can i borrow items for?

What? How long?
Books with no waiting list, e-books, music, factual films, TV series    4 weeks
Books with a waiting list, newspapers and magazines, video games    2 weeks
Feature films    1 week

You need a pin code

You choose your pin code, which has four digits.

You’ll use the code to: 

  • borrow items from the library
  • extend loans and reserve items online:
  • book study rooms and computers
  • use Meröppet (Extended opening hours where you can use the library when there is no staff on site)

How do I extend loans?

You can extend loans twice, as long as there is no one waiting for the item.

You can do it in different ways:

  • log on to web page Mina Lån (My Loans) online
  • extend using our machine
  • call 0300 83 80 20

How do I reserve items?

You can reserve books and other items that are not on the shelves.

You can do it in different ways:  

  • log in online
  • talk to staff at the library
  • call 0300 83 80 20

How do I return items?

You can return items to all libraries in Kungsbacka, and on the library bus.

At the libraries, you return items yourself, using the machine.

If you have borrowed an e-book or an e-audio-book, the item disappears automatically when the borrowing period is over.

What costs money?

This is free:

  • your first library card
  • borrowing
  • reserving
  • booking computers

This costs money for adults:

  • returning items late

This costs money for adults and children:

  • getting a new library card
  • copying and printing
  • losing or destroying a book

You are considered an adult once you’re 18 years old.
If your debt is more than 100 SEK, we’ll block your card. You can’t use the card until you’ve paid the debt.

How the libraries take care of your personal details

What are personal details?

Personal details can be things like a person’s name, address and telephone number.

Why do we store personal details?

We store personal details about you so that you will be able to borrow from the library, and use the library’s computers. You can read about what we do with your personal details here. You can also read about your rights.

How do we get your personal details?

We get your details when you contact us and apply for a library card. We also get your details from the Population Register.

What personal details do we store?

You can read about which personal details we store and why we store them here.

  • We store your personal identity number, library card number and borrower number so nobody else can borrow items in your name.
  • If you use Meröppet (More Opening Hours), we store information about when you have entered the library. We store it to know who has used the library if anything were to break, for instance.
  • When you vote or write what you think about a book on our website, you’ll get a user name. We store the user name so that voting or writing about a book will work.
  • If you may borrow spoken books, we store information about that.
  • We don’t store information about what you borrow.
  • We don’t give information about what you borrow or do on the library’s computers to anyone else.
  • We remove your personal details if you haven’t used your library card for two years. You can ask us to remove your details at any time, but not if you have fees to pay. If you use Meröppet (More Opening Hours), we store information about when you have entered the library for 21 days.
  • We get help from businesses that take care of our website and borrowing systems. We give your details to them. The businesses have to follow the same rules as us when they take care of your details

Your rights

  • You have the right to know which details we have about you. Contact the library if you want to know.
  • You can also contact the library if any details about you are wrong.
  • You have the right to complain of how we treat your personal details. ​You should contact the municipality’s data protection representative. Send an email to You can also send a letter to Kungsbacka Municipality: Dataskyddsombud, 434 81 Kungsbacka.

How to contact the library

Responsible for personal details:

Nämnden för Kultur & Fritid (the Committee for Culture & Leisure), Box 100 71, 434 21 Kungsbacka

Read more about how we treat personal details – in Swedish: